Thrift Haul Review

Roots Oasis is where I express my own special talent, vintage apparel sourcing with a specialty in 70s-90s bold prints. And I'm not just a curator, I'm a stylist as well.
Helping rescuing special pieces from the landfills and connecting them with new human homes fills my cup. My motto is Be-You-to-the-Fullest and I'm all about helping you step into your true self with old and bold pieces styled into a modern redux. I know that I've done my job well when I see you look into the mirror and beam after trying on a new piece from our collection.
At the moment, we are still working on getting all of the vintage inventory online; so, you should come to explore or drop us a note to see if we have the special item you are seeking and/or want something added to our treasure hunt. You won't regret it! So if you're looking for a stunning and unique style, come by Roots Oasis!
Hope you enjoyed a little BTS from Kim's last shopping trip. This is an off the rack and then an on-the-rack sneak peak.
Want to see more? You will have to come by the store!

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