FOLKUS - Nana-Thank You NYC Double-sided Stone Gift Wrapping Paper

FOLKUS - Nana-Thank You NYC Double-sided Stone Gift Wrapping Paper

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FOLKUS double-sided Stone Paper is Sustainable, Stylish, Reusable, plus Liquid/Grease/Bacteria/Rip Resistant. Folkus papers are manufactured without water, trees or bleach. One 30 square foot roll provides 2 different designs.

On one side, Nana features the trifecta color combination - red, white, and blue punctured by bold yellow African paisleys to create a regal sophisticated vibe. 

On the flip side, Nana let's you say "Thank You" in style.

FOLKUS eco-friendly products are a medium to tell a story, to transfer knowledge and to write a new chapter on sustainability. FOLKUS represents the lived experience and contributions of Black folks across an array of domains and aims to expand how we celebrate, cope and connect through Black culture and environmental stewardship. FOLKUS products are designed to challenge the status quo beliefs on consumption, manufacturing and equity. FOLKUS products are also designed to be beautiful cultural assets, which conjure joy-filled moments and memories.