Black Love is Black Wealth


  • Liberated Roots Collection exists as an act of Black Love. Love is a universal human experience. It's been said that love is the most powerful force on earth, and I believe that to be true. There are many forms of love, and an especially powerful one is the love between people who share a common heritage and experience as Africans in America. This kind of love has been called black love, Afro-love or even African-American love by some scholars and activists. But whatever you call it—and I prefer "black" because it reminds us of our shared history—it remains one of the most potent forces for creating community and solidarity among African-Americans today.

    Black love is black wealth.

    Love is a form of wealth.

    The concept of black love is not new but is something that has been challenged in America. It's time to reclaim our history and bring back the power that comes with loving yourself, your family and community. Black love has always been a part of our culture; it's what allowed us to survive slavery and Jim Crow while still maintaining some semblance of humanity during those trying times. In her poem, Nikki-Rosa, Nikki Giovanni say

    Black love is more than a feeling, it's an investment in our collective future. Black love is more than a feeling. It's an investment in our collective future.

    Black love is revolutionary. It's political. In the face of oppression and violence against black people both at home and abroad, it is a form of self-care and resistance. Through this lens, few things are more radical than loving yourself enough, not only to survive, but thrive despite the world telling you otherwise; loving others enough to fight for them when they face oppression or injustice; loving the land that sustains us all even as its resources are exploited for profit by those who do not share its bounty equitably; and loving ourselves so much that we refuse any attempt at erasure or destruction by those who wish us harm. 

    The liberation of black love is the liberation of all humanity.

    The liberation of black love is the liberation of all humanity.

    Love is the most powerful weapon in the universe, and black people have it in abundance. Our ancestors knew this and fought for it with their lives. They understood that nothing could stand against a people who loved each other as fiercely as they did themselves, so they demanded freedom based on this truth: Black love was worth dying for!

    Black love has always been at the forefront of every movement that has shaped our world--from abolitionism to civil rights; from labor struggles to fighting against slavery (and later colonialism); from anti-rape activism to feminism and LGBTQIA activism--because we know what happens when we don't practice this kind of radical self-love within ourselves or with each other: pain, suffering and death.

    In her poem, Nikki-Rosa, poet Nikki Giovanni describes Black love as a kind of love that transcends all adversity and is misunderstood by the dominant narrative.

    The liberation of black love is the liberation of all humanity. Black love is a revolutionary act that must be protected, nurtured and cultivated. At Liberation Roots Collection, our intention is to provide a safe and sacred space for black people to engage in conversation and exploration of all things love. We believe that black love is the key to liberation for all of humanity.

    We aim to:

    - Celebrate and elevate black love in all its forms

    -Provide a space for black people to explore their own definition of love

    - Encourage and empower black people to love themselves and each other

    - Promote black-owned businesses and products

    We welcome all to join us on this journey.

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